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On the website you will find all sorts of resources designed to help you grow your Art Biz.  If there is anything I can do to help you help your art business grow quicker, I would be honoured to do so.  Take what you need from the website,  enjoy the blog, get hold of our members only content which has specific steps of what you can do next, or book a call with me.  Do what works, I know you can grow your Art Biz

The Myth of the Struggling artist

Have you every worried if your art work was good enough, that you simply aren’t talented enough and that you are destined to struggle with your art without making money from it?… [More]


7 Steps to finding your voice as an artist

You know it’s amazing, many of us want to sell our art but it seems that so few of us actually manage to do it.  Partly its down to massive issues around confidence and feeling good enough… [More]


What works best to grow your Art Biz – Social Media vs. Email list?

Are you want to sell your art work directly to collectors online?  That’s awesome.  You are attempting to put your working in front of millions of people who are actively looking to buy art work. Only they aren’t buying yours… [More]


How to grow your tiny audience

How are you meant to sell your art if you only have a tiny audience?  It’s all very well to day that “the money is in the list” but how do you grow an email list in the first place? The problem with social media is that you are building relationships one post at a time… [More]


 How to change your habits to increase your confidence

Confidence is just a behaviour.  The feelings we have associated with low confidence are often a reflection of low self esteem and the evaluations we place on ourselves.  As a consequence, when it comes to confidence we can do one of 2 things to change how we feel ..[More]

“Julie helped me to get out of my own head to be able to see what really needed to be handled in my business. She was a great sounding board and I enjoyed meeting weekly. What I took away from our sessions was major accountability which allowed me to grow and strengthen my business a lot in our time together. I went from no clients to 4 and no money to $9000 over our weeks together.”

Amber Grace

“I gained a clear understanding of my procrastination style. Bringing it to awareness allows me to catch the habit when it starts to occur.  The masterclass was easy to follow and understand. It’s very engaging. It was good for getting clarity for efficiency and speed in projects and going farther, faster. It’s a great personal development tool to move from procrastination to success.”

Angel Fullerton

“I didn’t know which direction to go in. Julie worked with me on goal setting each week, and over time I did get things done. I also discovered where my blocks were regarding taking action, and was able to get some traction in my efforts to be effective in my efforts, and actually made progress.  I have gained understanding of how long certain tasks take to do, like different types of writing assignments, and also have become mindful of where my time is actually going. I am currently focused on only two major projects in my life instead of the five or six I have tried to do in the past.”

Dimitra Clark

“Some of those reasons for procrastinating really hit home with me, so that I am now finally realising why I procrastinate. And some great ideas for overcoming it too. I am really excited to put them into practice and see what difference it makes.”

Michelle Blackmore

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