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I get it, you create art that people should love and buy, only its not working.  You are trying all the techniques you can think of to get your work found but you find that your creations get lost in a sea of artists longing to share their art with the world.  It can feel demoralising and overwhelming and make you want to quit trying to sell your art all together.

So you try to market your work but it feels really salesy and inauthentic. You didn’t want to be an artist so you could focus on selling your art, you wanted to create and have people love what you do.

I found the same to be true.  But I figured that there had to be another way.  There had to be a way to sell my work, and be true to myself.

That’s why I have created courses so you can sell your work, but also ways that you can use art to reconnect with the artist in you.

When we work together you will have the keys to effectively sell your work, stand out in that noisy art world to the people who are interested in buying and do this without selling out.

I know that when you are doing what you love you will feel reenergised, have a clearer your sense of your life’s purpose, life direction and meaning.  You’ll get back that part of you that dies everyday when you work in a job you don’t love.

You wont be bounced around by each new idea that you have or others are promoting because you’ll have a system that works

As you step into flow your actions will be less influenced by our sometimes “unhelpful” thoughts, and moods as you discover your creativity soars.

Hey, I’m Julie and my passion is to help you sell your art not your soul.  I help women just like you develop a life they love and uncover the best version of themselves.

So why me?

Over the last 15 years’ I have sold my both my fine art and glass art internationally.  I have used art as an Occupational Therapist to help heal those with mental health conditions. My “super power” is making sure that people have balance in their life, between their work and their home life and manage their mindsets so you can be the best version of yourself.

I have invested time and energy to get the best qualifications I can.  I have an honours degree in Occupational Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy qualifications, coaching qualifications.  Each of these qualifications mean that I am able to put your needs at the forefront of our sessions and the training you receive. But I know that what matters most to you is that you finally make a difference and start selling your art effectively.

I have helped thousands of women become who they were created to be.  I have been told that the impact I have had on people lives has been huge, from helping people walk into a job they love to being told if it wasn’t for the work I have done, the person would have killed themselves.  I’m told that my strength is listening to the person I am working with and allowing them to be heard.  In the space I create the women I have worked with have learnt the skills to manage their mindset, develop their confidence, overcome their fears and take control of their lives.

When you work with me you will walk away with the confidence and the skills you need to build a business you love balanced with the life you long to live. You will have developed your successful business you have fallen in love with.  You will have the accountability you need to stay focused in your creative business, after all as creatives we are great at chasing the next shiny thing.  I would love for you to finish your projects and bring them into being.

I believe that you are more than what you experience now.  More than your past or your future, more than your hopes and your fears, more than the things which hold you back.

I believe that you have everything you need within you already to be the best version of yourself and I am passionate about helping connect with the real you

I believe you have the ability to succeed and create a life you love and a business you are passionate about.

If you are ready to go after your dream, I’m here to show you how Click here to book a discovery call.

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