Instagram for Artists

Would you like to learn how to use Instagram as an artist?

As you know Instagram is a great place for us as artists to promote and sell our work.  But are you just getting folks clicking “like” on your post and suspect that all these likes are just automated bots rather than people who really like your work.

Included in this course

  • An interview with an Instagram expert who makes their living creating content for Instagram
  • How to use Instagram to get sales and grow your collectors list
  • How to set up your profile
  • Running challenges and contests on Instagram to increase your audience engagement


Money Mindset or Crushing the Starving Artist Myth

Artists can, and do thrive financially.  One of the first things we need to do is change our attitude towards money.  For some people they can do this simply by taking action and selling their work. Others need to sit down and review their money stories, the stories that stop them earning the money they are totally capable of earning.

This course will transform your perspective around money and set you on a path to financial freedom.



Confidence to Sell

Over 40% of the people I have worked with have told me that they don’t sell because they aren’t good enough and most of the rest have deep gnawing doubt that they aren’t good enough and soon they will be found out.

In Confidence to Sell we look at the behaviours and the mindset shifts you can make today to help you deal with your fear and insecurity about your work.  The challenge is that you only build your confidence when you take action, so this course will not only help you grow your confidence, but grow your business.



30 Day Visibility Challenge

This is a month long visibility challenge to get you out there, get your artwork seen and get you creating a presence.

Each day you will be given a new task, each builds on the last to increase your visibility from zero to hero.  We will be getting your name and art in front of your ideal collector.



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