A crazy year challenge which might go horribly wrong but I’m sharing the journey as accountability creates commitment.

I want to share something with you that may cause me to fall on my face. In fact the very idea of sharing it with you makes me feel anxious. Yet I have set this huge goal.

I want an email list with 100,000 people on it.

Crazy huh, especially when my coaching email list is only 952. My art collectors list is nearer 3000 but that’s another story and not helpful for this experiment.

Why am I doing this and why am I sharing it with you?

It’s all to do with this little venn diagram which is at the heart of the Creating Clarity Module in the Sell Your Art No Your Soul module.

My Why

Well the truth is, I want to be part of a community of self-representing artists who are positive about the impact that their work can have on the world. I really don’t believe in the idea of the starving artist. An idea that originates from a novel by Henri Murger. I want to help talented artists become talented business people.

My Vision

  • I want to be part of a community where artists believe they can sell their work for the value that it truly has.
  • I want to be around people who are taking active steps to achieve their goals.
  • People who are prepared to try and will drop the thoughts that blame everyone else for their art not selling.


I want to do an experiment and share the results with you, hence the possibility of falling on my face. I want to share with you my progress, share with you what I am doing, so that you can do the same. The techniques I’m going to be used are the ones I used to grow my collectors list.

Guess that you may be at the start of your list building journey, which is why I wanted to use my smallest accounts for this journey, so that we are playing at the same level.

The stats

  • Email list 952
  • Patreon account for Thriving Artists — nearly set up
  • New Instagram account for Thriving Artists — set up 2 days ago has 8 followers simply because of the name

The plan

My plan is to share the resources with you that I am using so that you can do the same. So the first thing I’d like to recommend it an email building course by Sean Wes. He’s a truly awesome guy. Find his free course on list building >>>HERE<<<. All of these techniques can be used by creatives.

My plan is to share with you biweekly updates about how this is going. Sign up below for more details.

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