If you’ve been creating a while, there is often one question that sticks in the back of your mind.  Is my art finally good enough to sell?

In some ways, it’s a subjective question.  It’s something that I’ve done some research on and it surprised me the force with which people say, there’s no such thing as bad art.  If someone will buy it, it is clearly good enough.

Yet 40% of people when I asked them why they don’t sell, they tell me that they aren’t good enough to sell their work.

So, I thought I’d focus on the who idea of good enough this week.

Firstly – your skill may be good enough but innately you don’t feel that you are good enough.

If that’s the case it’s worth looking at you rather than looking at the art you create.  I know for myself that belief of not being good enough is deeply embedded in my history.  It affects my art but also all sorts of other areas in my life.

The simple way of dealing with this is during a meditation or when you are quiet, begin to collect all the memories that have a flavour of you not being good enough.

You then simply for each one say out loud… yes, I said out loud… “I forgive you, I’m sorry, I love you”


Some will want to use the O Oho po no

  • I love you (for taking care of me, taking care of this belief, for the beauty of this life and the miracle of now)
  • I am sorry (for whatever the belief is or are in me that are causing this);
  • Please forgive me (for making this belief alive in me, wherever it came from, and whomever I got it from)
  • Thank you!  (for deleting the beliefs that are triggering this)


All we are doing is clearing out our beliefs which hold us back.  Forgiveness is at the root of feeling worthy and good enough.  Its amazing how quickly you can change things round.  If I’m finding myself feeling irritable it is the fastest way to start feeling health and whole

Secondly – technical skill

So, this is where the argument comes that all art is good enough to sell.  I suggest however that you consider this a bit more deeply

For me it is about having a voice, something that people recognise as uniquely you. Ultimately, it’s about consistency, which is frustrating as it’s so easy to bounce from idea to idea.  Style to style.

Ultimately however when we are selling, we are doing it for the benefit of our audience.  They need to know our voice to be able to invest in our work.

A consistent portfolio of 12-20 pieces of consistent work will enable people to buy into who you are as an artist.

Thirdly – Story

When each piece of work we create has a story we are heading out into a mature approach to our work.  That story doesn’t need to be a fairy tale or something dramatic.  It’s about our why.  Why was that piece created?

For me, at the moment, the story is all about meditation.  It could be that your story is about conservation if you are creating wildlife art.  It could be about the quality of the yarn you are using in your textiles. It could be the story of the image and what it represents.

Fourthly – confidence

There is a place for looking at our art and going, it simply does not yet have the skill to be sold.  There is a confidence that comes from knowing why you create something, having a portfolio of consistent work that you can give yourself evidence that you are good enough.

Confidence however is your minds way of keeping you safe.  If you are unsure, to protect yourself you will feel fear.  This means that you don’t have to stretch yourself and put yourself in a place where someone rejects what you have created.  You stay safe

Unfortunately to grow and an artist, we need to step out of that comfort zone.  To thank our bodies and minds for trying to keep us safe, but then choosing to step out.  Choosing that the possibility of success is more powerful than the possibility of failure.  Knowing that it is going to create some anxiety, but knowing that each time we stretch ourselves it is easier next time.

Confidence is something that comes because we do something.  It is not something we wait for.  We need courage to take that initial step, to push through that fear.  Confidence is what we find on the other side of fear.

This is where you fake it, with courage, before you make it, and the confidence comes

Fifthly – Done is better than perfect

We will never have the final product right now.  That is why there is an iPhone 6.  There were other generations before.

If you wait until your work is perfect, you will never get it out into the world.  What you are looking for is work which is good enough now.

Done is better than perfect.

Interestingly more you complete things the better your skill levels are. Remember the story of the pots?

Two groups of people were asked to make pots.  One group was told wo make as many as possible.  The second group told to make the best pot they possibly could.

At the end of the experiment, the group who was making the most post also was making the best pots.  They were completing, learning new skills each time and they learnt how to use the clay better.

Don’t wait until you are perfect.  Get it done and then move onto the next thing.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read, I look forward to catching up with you next week


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