Sell Your Art Not Your Soul

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Are you ready to take your art to the next level?


  • Imagine what it would be like to more time to create, spend less time marketing and make more money.
  • To stop that feeling of frustration when you post your art online you hear crickets.
  • Reduce your confusion and overwhelm as you try and sell online even though you sell  your artwork through your studio and shows easily.
  • You are ready to sell your work, but you’re not sure where to start.  Spending half your day on social media and hoping for a sale seems like a waste of time.


Imagine what impact it would have on your life if you could double, treble or grow your art sales revenue by tenfold.


You too can make your living from your art


I get it.  When I started trying to sell online, 15 years ago and had no idea how to sell my art.  I posted on artist forums, tried eBay, Etsy and Redbubble and was surprised when I didn’t sell like other people did.

It was in watching a good friend who started creating and selling at the same time I did something changed.  Her art was comparable with mine but she was selling her pieces art easily.

I got curious.  What was she doing that I wasn’t?

It struck me that she was doing 2 key things differently.  She had identified her own voice, a reason behind her creations and she wasn’t attempting to sell to artists.

Over time I developed a system which I’ve shared with others which resulted in a steady stream of sales, and the ability to make a good living from my art.  Selling pieces for $2000 which I struggled to sell on Etsy for $200.  It’s a system which works regardless of whether you  have formal training as an artist or are self trained.




  • Together we will dispel myth of the starving artist as you flourish in your art sales.
  • Its quite possible you will end up doing less to promote your work but it will be focused on proven strategies which bring in more revenue.
  • You will enabled to have more time to spend on your art, creating pieces that bring you fulfilment you crave as an artist.
  • You will learn how to sell in a way that feels authentic and good rather than follow the old school principles of fear, uncertainty and doubt.
  • You will be free to sell your work independently, straight to collectors, without having to rely on galleries and agents who may not share your vision.

What To Expect


When you invest in SELL YOUR ART NOT YOUR SOUL .

We will create a strategy to create sustainable sales  to collectors rather than adhoc sales.  Creating a business that supports your desire to make fulfilling art and have financial freedom.

You will be working with a coach with 20 years experience, who understands not only how to grow a business, but a creative business.  Who understands the everyday realities of making art and the expenses of creation.

You will be learning a strategy which enables you to spend more time creating and less time marketing.

What we can cover


Foundation Stories

  • Discovering your voice
  • Articulating your own unique story
  • Discovering who your collectors are and how to communicate with them
  • Building long term relationships with your collectors
  • Creating success systems

Magnetising Stories

  • Understanding the power of story and writing copy that sells
  • Press and media out reach strategies
  • Website strategy to grow your revenue
  • Developing your email audience
  • Develop social media strategies
  • Working in partnership with others to grow your audience

Sales Stories

  • Proven Sales Strategies
  • Pricing
  • Sales Mindset
  • Automating sales processes

Is this for you?


You probably know whether this approach is for you.  You would like to have both mentoring/training sessions to learn how to make the Sell Your Art Not Your Soul System work for you and have coaching sessions to implement the change and keep you on track. If you know it will make a difference hit one of the buttons and make a time to chat.

You may be interested in learning the information without the support to implement the change.  If that’s you I’d love to get on the phone so we can work out a training package that works for you

There are people that this coaching approach wont work for.  In fact if you ever look into personality types there are ones which specifically do not benefit from coaching.

  • If you are the type of person who tends to blame others, or even your collectors as the reason you are not selling.  This approach is unlikely to work
  • If you are not prepared to do things which will stretch you to achieve your dream.


What Next


Book a time to talk, so that we can make sure that this is a good fit for both of us.

You will walk away from this session with a plan of the way forward with your art, regardless of whether you choose to invest in Sell Your Art Not Your Soul.

I look forward to chatting to you soon.



Grab your complimentary session

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